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M & M Barn Sales specializes in high-quality building material packages. We have sold a growing number of building packages over the years and we would love to work with you! With our extensive product selection, we can take your project from foundation/drainage phase all the way to finish interior insulating, wall covering, and electrical phases! And, if you purchase a package from us, we will honor your loyalty by providing a continuing discount on materials for interior phases! We work with do-it-yourselfers and contractors alike. NOTE: Because everyone builds just a little differently, is it our preference that contractors supply their own material list. We will then work side by side and get you a quote as quickly as possible.

There are two ways to price our packages.

1. Choose from our standard building packages (Materials Only)

*NOTE: Due to constantly increasing metal prices, please call for current pricing

These packages are pre-estimated because they are very common, cost effective sizes. Except where noted (*), these packages feature: Premium Everlast Lynx 28 ga. Metal Roofing and Siding, 12” overhang on eaves and gables, maintenance free Grizzly entry doors, and quality lumber components. Trusses and any eave opening headers are properly sized to ensure a very durable, long-lasting building. Many companies only sell a basic building that is frankly unattractive and then they charge a premium to upgrade. We sell an attractive building right away and upgrades/non-structural revisions are no problem!

Basic revisions/upgrades that are non-structural include:

These revisions take less time than estimating a custom building and can add just the right amount of custom look to make the package unique!

2. Go Custom!

Please note that if you are intending to have your project completed by a contractor, Contact Us for a list of recommended contractors. If you already have a building contractor we will be glad to work with them in pricing components and material lists but, due to time and manpower we cannot provide entire takeoffs for contractors. Rather, we work side by side and can usually generate time and cost efficient results by splitting the workload.

If you desire another size, or if the placement of key items such as overhead/sliding doors needs to be changed, simply click the “Quote Spec Sheet” button and you will see the information that we need to get you a custom quote. You will also find a partial list of options. Please browse our Products pages for more ideas. For the most part, the sky’s the limit on what can be achieved! If you have any questions feel free to email, call us, or stop in.

See our Project Planning Guide for more key information!

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