CURRENT SPECIALS (NO SORT ON ALL Industrial/Shop/B-Grade Items)

NOTE: List changes often and prices subject to change at ANY time

  • No Warranty Tan and Burgundy Metal Roofing: $2.69/LF While supplies last

  • 3/4″ Shop Grade Plywood: NEW BATCH IN! $41.95

  • 7/16 SHOP Grade OSB: $27.95

  • 1×10 Industrial Rougherhead (NOT SHIPLAP): $1.10/LF

  • 1×10 Industrial Shiplap: SORRY, SOLD OUT!

  • 1×8 Industrial Shiplap (Limited Quantities): SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • 1×6 T & G Pattern Out No Sort: .68/LF

  • 1×6 T & STANDARD Grade: .92/LF

  • 1×8 T & G Pattern Out No Sort: SORRY SOLD OUT!


Check out these deals!

We have a TON of #3 Bargain Lumber!



  • 2x6x12 #3

  • 2x6x10 #3

  • We bought a bunch of economy lumber when prices were high and now we are upside down on it. Let our loss be your gain! Make us an offer to get this material gone! This lumber is great for roofing slats, forming lumber, dog house, outhouse, etc!We also are closing out (for now) our 3/4″ Reject Plywood and OSB. We will entertain take all offers on what still have in stock!

We have recently purchased some “Pattern Out” material that doesn’t quite make the normally stocked Standard Grade due to knots, possible wane, etc. It’s a HUGE Savings!


1×6 Pattern Out T & G: .68/LF (Compare to at least .90/LF on current market pricing for STD GRADE!)

1×8 Pattern Out T & G: .80/LF (compare to at least $1.25/LF for STD GRADE!)

1×12 Pattern Out S1S2E/”Rougherhead” Pine Siding: $1.48/LF. Better deals on FULL UNITS! (Compare to at least $2.00/LF for STD GRADE!)