CURRENT SPECIALS (NO SORT ON ALL Industrial/Shop/B-Grade Items)

NOTE: List changes often and prices subject to change at ANY time


7/16″ SHOP OSB: $13.39 (NEW STOCK)


1×4 IND Furring (8′, 10′ and 12′): .37/LF

1×6 T & G Pattern Out: .47/LF

1x6x8 T & G Pattern Out (EVEN MORE SAVINGS!): $3.00 EA or .375/LF

1×6 Standard Grade T&G: .80/LF (Standard is FIRST Quality!)

1×8 T&G Pattern Out: .80/LF

INCOMING!: 1×8 Industrial Shiplap: .80/LF

1×10 Pattern Out Barn Siding: $64/LF

1×12 Pattern Out SIS2E Barn Siding! $.72/LF



½” Factory Reject High Density ISO: $15.95

1” Factory Reject Felt Faced ISO: 18.95

1-1/2” Factory Reject Felt Faced ISO: $24.95

Composite Decking

Fiberon Cabana Factory Reject (Prime Stock!): $2.29/LF in 12’,16’ Grooved and 20’ Solid

Fiberon Promenade Factory Reject (Prime Stock): $2.79/LF in 12’,16’ Grooved and 20’ Solid


Synthetic Underlayment (10 Square roll): $63.50

#2 Granular Ice and Water Shield: $35.95/roll (irregular roll)

White/White Aluminum Trim Coil: $99/roll (compare to 127.50/roll!)







We have recently purchased some “Pattern Out” material that doesn’t quite make the normally stocked Standard Grade due to knots, possible wane, etc. It’s a HUGE Savings!


1×6 Pattern Out T & G: .47/LF 

1×8 Pattern Out T & G: .80/LF (compare to at least $1.25/LF for STD GRADE!)