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Loren Martin Insulation

Owens Corning Fiberglass Insulation

in R-11, R-15, R-19, R-21, R-30, R-38 Kraft Faced. Some sizes unfaced available as well

Foil Faced Polyiso

Foil Faced Polyiso Insulation

in ½” through 2” Thickness. This product is open celled and cannot be used for under slab or frost footing application

2” x 4’ x 8’ Extruded Polystyrene

(Commonly known as “Blueboard” or “Foamular”, 25 PSF crush rating for underslab and frost footing applications)

Double Bubble

Single and Double Bubble

(for under metal roofing to help prevent condensation)

Slab Shield

(for under slab appliations, 4’ x 100’ roll)

Between Joist Bubble

Between Joist Double Bubble

(to insulate joist bays in radiant heat systems)