Billing Terms

Terms for payment on all accounts except contractor discounts are the following: Invoices must be paid in full within 30 days of purchase. 1.5% interest will be charged to outstanding balances thereafter.


All returns are subject to inspection. If materials to be returned are not in the same condition as when purchased, M & M Barn Sales, Inc. has the right to impose a 5% restocking fee or to reject item(s) completely . Unacceptable returnable conditions include material being dirty, scratched, or otherwise damaged.

Contractor Discount

A contractor discount will only be given if contractor is purchasing materials in person OR if contractor has pre-arranged authorization with M & M for another individual to receive discount. Terms: 3%/20, Net 30. After 30 days 1.5% interest on outstanding balance will be charged. Contractors may not claim discount if payment is not made within 20 days of invoice date


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that a delivery site is accessible by truck and/or trailer. This means that areas must be plowed, cleared etc. Failure to do so will result in a $100.00 charge for the extra time spent and wear and tear to our equipment. When delivering materials, the deliverer reserves the right to unload materials in the best location fit for the conditions (mud, snow, ice, etc.) The deliverer will do their best to unload materials in the most convenient location for the customer, but if the above conditions do no allow for it, the deliverer has the right to unload materials in a location that will allow them to leave the area without getting stuck.

The deliverer will responsibly secure materials after delivery. After that point M & M Barn Sales, Inc. is no longer responsible or liable for any damages that may occur to the materials.

Custom Trim Bending

Custom made trim is priced the following way: total raw material cost + 20% of that cost for labor. M & M Barn Sales must be given one day’s notice to schedule custom trim bending. Customers must call one day prior to place order for custom trim if they want it available for the next day.

Materials Estimating

The estimators at M & M do their best to ensure that an accurate materials quote is given to each customer. However, due to the fact that many customers add and/or subtract different options and mistakes can happen, only quoted amounts for materials that appear in a signed contract are valid. While we regret any inconvenience it has caused or will cause, we will not be held responsible for deviation from otherwise quoted amounts. In other words; if something was left out of a quote accidentally we are not required to provide that material for free or a reduced price unless an agreed price was signed into a contract.